“Innovative coaching and relentless support.”

I am extremely grateful and proud of belonging to the IRES team. I met Brandy two years ago, and I absolutely loved her innovative coaching and relentless support to agents in order to achieve higher and higher goals. Joining IRES has allowed me to grow professionally, but most important personally, and this is what makes this brokerage unique. By growing in different areas I am able to give more to my clientele, and they continue referring me to their friends and family. Thank you Brandy for making the difference!

— Veronica Suarez

“I'm not another agent at a desk.”

You know what is so great about IRES? It's a family and a culture that focuses on my success and the success of the people I work with. We focus on our customers, and we cultivate relationships with them for years. We care about them and their success and, because they know we care, they help us be successful with referrals and supporting our community culture. I am not another agent at a desk in an office. I am a part of a family and a community.  

I am taught to value my strengths and face my weaknesses and overcome them. I am given the tools to be successful and the support to maximize my potential.  

IRES, Brandy White Elk, and the agents and staff are all committed to the success of the business but more importantly the success of our customers.  

— Mike Kahn

Mike Kahn Revised.JPG

I knew from the moment I walked into IRES it was the perfect fit! Everyone there is extremely welcoming. Brandy is so knowledgeable when it comes to everything about real estate! And always there if I need her. I am learning something new every day. Everyone works together to help each other. There is truly a sense of community and family. I know I will always have someone to help me if I need it no matter what it is!

— Dorinda Payan


“Inspired me to be better in all areas of my life.”

My journey with Brandy started around 2010-2012. From day one she has inspired me to be better in all areas of my life, personally and professionally. She has taught me you can't just write goals to write them; you have to believe in them. She has taught me to show up ready to be 100 and do everything with excellence. With Brandy, clients are considered family, and they stay with us for many, many years. It's not just about the transaction its about the long lasting relationship we build with them for years.

— Lorraine Haynes