The Local Business Spotlight Connection

Our business tip this week is the Local Business Spotlight Connection.  It’s an easy and powerful strategy to provide added value to your past clients (Your Database) and another way to connect or follow-up with your past clients.  Identify 12 small business owners in your market area – one to spotlight each month.  Start with your database and think about who has a local small business.  Create and send a letter or email to your database to see if they have a business or service to promote. Ask them to contact you so you can discuss the networking opportunity.

Here are the key points to execute this business strategy:

Cross Endorsement Program (Groupon Idea)

  • Identify business owners in your community and your personal database to approach with the idea and schedule a meeting (coffee or lunch)
  • Explain the program as a cross promotional endorsement (mutual supporting of each other’s business)
  • Ask the business owner what they are willing to provide as a benefit to your database (coupon, discount, item of value)
  • See if the business owner is willing to promote your business to their clients.  Maybe allowing your business cards to be on display at their business.  Or maybe your offer something of value that they can promote to thier mailing list (Free Home Warranty or $500 toward closing costs on next home purchase or sale)
  • Promote in your monthly newsletter
  • Create a marketing flyer and use it during the month at open houses – whenever you meet prospects
  • Use the marketing promotion in your farming
  • Include these business owners in a local business directory
    • Online as an additional page on your website
    • Create a document you can email, mail and print out as an item of value
  • Include/ Invite them to your client appreciation events


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