IRES Legacy is here to provide the education and tools you need to thrive through online and in-person learning opportunities


All IRES Legacy programs are completely free. When you join IRES as an agent, you get instant access to all of our training and coaching programs.



Our signature program, 30 Days to Greatness, is designed to set you up for success from day one as an agent at Innovative Real Estate Strategies. We have the systems, checklists, and templates to ignite your business.



Get access to our monthly video trainings and tutorials to build your real estate business. Training workshops include social media marketing, real estate business systems, and lead generation.



Founded by Brandy White Elk, IRES is a compassionate, results-driven real estate company that focuses on the success and goals of the families we serve. 

How we're impacting lives: Charlene's story

“I have been in the real estate industry for 13 years and have worked for and with some of the biggest agents in the business. From the moment I met Brandy I was drawn in by her passion for the business and genuine care for the families she serves. 

From the very first day Brandy has offered encouragement and tools to help me grow not just as an agent but as a person. She stands at our weekly meetings and authentically cares how each and every agent is doing. It's not about the numbers or how much they are producing; it's about how they can grow and achieve your own financial, spiritual, and family goals and how she can help you reach them.  

I have taken so many of her lessons and applied them to every aspect of my life. I even go home and encourage my son and husband to use the tools that I have learned to better ourselves and our business. When you care about what you do, it's not a job; it's a lifestyle. Brandy isn't just a Broker at the top. She is here in the office with us every day, learning and growing right along with us. 

Thanks to Brandy and IRES, I am inspired to be the best version of myself and can therefore provide the best service to my clients and their families.”


We're giving back with every home sold

Learn more about IRES Inspires and our mission to give back through our work